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More images of Bed Bugs

Below is an image we captured of a mattress that has a bed bug infestation.  Several blue arrows point out bed bugs while one points out a bed bug exoskeleton.  Also, bed bug fecal matter is visible on the mattress.

100 0058 arrows13 More images of Bed Bugs

Image One. Mattress with Bed Bugs

In the next image two below, we have enlarged one of the bed bugs that are pointed out by the blue arrows.  This bug was discovered out in the open and was scrambling to get under cover.  As we have said, they are nocturnal and can not stand the light of day.  The enlargement is of the area just above the time text in image one above.

100 0058 arrows zoom11 More images of Bed Bugs

Image Two. Enlarged image of Bed Bug.

Next, image three, is another enlargement of an area on  image one above.  The enlargement is the of the area containing the upper most arrow in image one above.  Hopefully, you can make out a Bed Bug exoskeleton that is pointed to by the blue arrow.  Along with the exoskeleton, you can see Bed Bug fecal mater as well as many smaller bugs hiding in the mattress seam.

100 0058 arrows casing More images of Bed Bugs

Image Three. Enlarged image of mattress with Bed Bug Casing

Image four seen below, is the final two arrows show in image one above.  Two bed bugs are pointed to by the blue arrows hiding in the mattress seam.  Additionally, hopefully you can make out many other smaller bugs as well as fecal matter.

100 0058 arrows two More images of Bed Bugs

Image Four. Enlarged image of two bed bugs hiding in the mattress.

Hopefully what these images will help to empower you to recognize bed bugs when you see them.  Remember that most of the bed bugs found in the home can be found in the bedding and this is the first area that should be inspected.  Also, remember that covering your bedding with encasements, will kill all these bed bugs when the encasements are left on for a year or more!

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Now that you know a bit more about bed bugs, it is time to learn more about what they look like.

There are several pictures located here as an aid in identification.  It is important to read the necessary information about them as well.  Bed bugs are commonly mistaken for other pests in the home.  As such, you may think you have bed bugs when in actuality you have some other pest lurking there.

If you plan to treat bed bugs, you need to have proper identification of these insects.  Here are some key points to help you to identify them.

  • In their adult stage, they are brown to a reddish tint of brown.
  • They are an oval shape but also flattened out.
  • In size, the adult bed bug is about 3/16 to 1/5 of an inch long.
  • When they have had a meal, the bed bug is swollen looking.  They will be longer now and have a dark red color to them.
  • On the front of their heads, they have what looks like a beak that allows them to pierce and suck from their mouths.
  • Adult bed bugs have wings.  However, they can not fly.  They are small in size and are very short looking.
  • The eggs of bed bugs are white or colorless.  They will darken in their color as they mature.  Eventually they will have a brownish tint to them when they mature.
  • The nymphs look a lot like that of the adult bed bugs in their appearance, just smaller in size.


Here are some pictures of bed bugs that can often be used as an aid in distinguishing them:

Here is a picture of a one.  In this picture, the bed bug has not eaten and therefore has it’s tell tale flattened look about it.

bedbug11 What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

In this picture, you can see the size difference between a bed bug that has eaten and one that has not.  As they eat, they become elongated and swollen.

bedbug2 What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

In the following picture, take the time to notice what the bed bug looks like in various stages of its life.  The bed bug is commonly found in the same area at all these stages.  If you have adult bed bugs, you will also have eggs.  This is what makes it hard to treat them because, you may kill off the adults but, the eggs may still be present.

The Life Cycle Of The Bed Bug

bedbug3 287x300 What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

In this final picture, you can see just how small a bed bug really is.  This shows just how hard it can be for you to notice that they are there.

bedbug4 What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Remember that it is quite hard to really tell if a pest that you find in your home is actually a bed bug.  For example, if you live in an area that may have several closely related species; you may find out you do not have bed bugs after all.  If you live in the midwest of the United States, you may think that you have found bed bugs in your home.  But, it is much more likely that you have found a bat bug instead.  If you suspect that you may have them, contact a local inspector to help you to identify them.

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